The clear way to straight teeth


Invisalign® treatment is an orthodontic product which can be used to help correct a number of orthodontic issues and help you create that balanced, even smile you have always wanted. Because it is virtually invisible due to the use of clear, removable aligners it is more flexible and less noticeable then the more traditional solution of metal or ceramic braces

What is Invisalign®?

Many adults and teenagers who have crooked teeth often refrain from having their smile corrected simply because they do not want to be seen wearing “railroad track” braces. Invisalign elegantly solve this problem by being almost invisible. The aligners are made with SmartTrack flexible making them super easy to put in and take out. They look a little like traditional retainers or a very light-weight clear version of a mouthguard.

How does it work?

The aligners apply a constant force to your teeth and with the SmartStage and SmartForce technologies the tooth movements are more gradual and less painful then the traditional approach. Each aligner tray must be worn for a minimum of 20 – 22 hours every day and are replaced on average every 2 weeks. This means that instead of seeing your dentist every 2-3 weeks you often have your appointments every 4 – 6 weeks dependant on your treatment staging. You are worried that you will forget to put them in we can opt for compliance indicators to track your wear or your child’s wear.

What is the process?

After an initial consultation with your dentist – moulds and photographs are taken which are then processed into a 3D digitial image of your teeth. Your custom made aligners are made from this image and this is where you can see with ClinCheck a computorised images of how your teeth will look throughout the treatment and the projected end result. Your dentist can map out the tiniest details, the tiniest shift from your first aligner to your last aligner. This means – no guesswork, no surprises and a more realistic expectation of your final result.

Once both you and your dentist are happy with the projected end result your 3D images are processed and your individualised aligners are made. This often only takes between 1 -2 weeks. Once the aligners have been received we can then start the active treatment phase. The first appointment can be up to 40 minutes and this is where you will have your first set of aligners fitted and all care and cleaning instructions are given.

How do I know if it will work for me?

While Invisalign can be suitable for most people, not all issues can be resolved with aligners alone. We often use Invisalign in conjunction for with other methods to create the perfect smile. It is important that you are properly assessed by an Invisalign® trained practitioner to assess if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.